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Avoid dialysis with our Magnetic Biotherapies.
You can develop your own treatment in your home with our magnetic device for the control of creatinine.

Our device has four north-south magnetic fields 1 inch in diameter and 3/8 inch in diameter. These magnetic fields made of neodymium, each magnetic pole has a power capacity of 0.8 tesla. Attached to a 6 x 3 x 3/16-inch aluminum plate and covered with fabric, they fit at the waist through a belt.

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We guarantee a reduction in your creatinine levels as well as an improvement in your renal functioning, or your money back.
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The results we have obtained working with patients treated with renal insufficiency in pre-dialysis, with a creatinine level of 1.5 to levels as high as 9.68 has been impressive. Magnetic biotherapies reduce these creatinine levels by 5% to 20% in the first few weeks of therapy by improving the patient's kidney function, while reducing his or her creatinine level. The most significant case we have dealt with, using our magnetic biotherapy, is that of Mr. Geraldin Peña, a 32-year-old male who was referred by his primary physician to our office. Patients who were at the pre-dialysis stage began their therapy with a creatinine level of 9.68 and a GFR of 7.63, after 4 weeks of treatment their creatinine level dropped to 8.30, a reduction of 14% and their GFR improved to 9.11 an improvement of 19%. See results of Mr Geraldin Peña.
See results of patients being treated.
Customer testimonials:

Dear Mr. Berdut,

Thank you for your help... and the improved quality of life your magnetic therapies gave my aged husband, Rafael Herrera.  His dialysis sessions gave him nausea and vomiting to the point that we had to stop them, but continued to control his creatinine levels for 14 months with your Magnetic therapy, which allowed him to enjoy a better and happier life... without any dialysis... for those 420 days.  He had a heart condition for many years and passed away after a heart attack, but I will always be thankful for making his last 14 months with us so much better.

M. Herrera
Humacao, PR

To Magnetic Healer and Mr. Elberto Berdut:

I would like to express my gratitude for your magnetic biotherapies and the device they've given me.  Four years ago my doctor told me to prepare myself to begin a life of frequent dialysis.  It was around that time I became aware of your discovery, and it has been a blessing... I've been using your magnetic biotherapy for the past four years and my creatinine level has stayed below 1.5!  My doctor no longer talks about my needing dialysis and I pray that God allows you to continue helping many more who suffer from kidney disease and failure.

Reinaldo Zamora
Miami, FL     

To Everyone at Magnetic Biotherapy,

I ordered the Magnetic Healer for my husband on January 11, 2018 and promptly received it on the 16th. He is 84 years old.. We waited to start using it until he went for his lab tests on January 22, 2018. Then he started wearing it daily roughly averaging 10 hours per day. Immediately we had the protein in his urine drastically improve.

Here are the one week lab test results...
01/22/18  =  536
02/01/18  =    37

*We had also started testing protein in urine at home using dipsticks and those results went from the dark blue green color which meant 300+ to a light green "trace" reading within a week. We rarely check this at home anymore as it is always a trace reading now. These are his 6-1/2 month blood test results...
01/22/18  =    BUN 36        Creatinine 1.95        eGFR 33
08/07/18  =    BUN 35        Creatinine 1.68        eGFR 39

We are very happy with the Magnetic Healer and will be continuing to use it. We will also let you know future results. We highly recommend this to anyone that wants to help their kidney function.

Special Note: We also found that he could slip the Magnet easily into the pocket of his sports belt that's designed to hold a smart phone. We simply wrap it in a little foam for added comfort and slip it in the phone pocket. He finds this a more comfortable option that the belt.

Can't thank you enough for the great product.


Diana R

My name is Amelia Eud Punzalan. I am giving this testimony on behalf of my sister, the patient, who is in the Philippines. Her name is Benilda Eud Lagrosas, turning 60 in few days from today.  She started her dialysis back in September of 2017.  Her creatinine level was so high that according to knowledgeable and helpful  doctors, can only be remedied by dialysis.  Aside from kidney problem, she has other health issues like osteoporosis, and high uric acid.  She has always been in pain and can’t really walk a long distance. We are so desperate that we’ll find all means just to obtain all possible treatment to prolong her life.  My husband did a research for different natural medicines that may help her until he found this “Magnetic Biotherapy”.  At first, I was skeptical to order  but thought, I will gamble for 1 unit and hopefully it would help.

From Canada, I sent her the device which she started to use on the first week of April 2018.  From then on, she noticed that her pain became less and less every day. She started to feel strong and increase her appetite as well.  Her creatinine level was 7.76 before using the device.  After 60 days, she had another laboratory and surprisingly, her creatinine dropped tremendously to 2.12.  In addition, her blood sugar, hemoglobin, blood pressure, etc, are now in normal range. As per doctor recommendation, from 2x a week of dialysis, the doctor is reducing it to once a week. Laboratory check will be done again in 2 weeks and if the result goes even better there's a good chance that she'll be off dialysis.

First, it’s her strong faith to God, secondly, to this device that’s God sent.  We are very thankful, and hopeful that she’ll be off dialysis soon.

Amie Punzalan

I bought the Magnetic Healer in early April, I recently had my blood work done and I was amazed that my GFR went from 59 to 72, wow, I didn't expect that. The creatinine was also in the normal range. Also a side benefit has been no back pain, this magnet has seemed to greatly reduce my lower back pain, I sit all day and have had a lot of lower back pain but ever since I have been wearing the magnet it has gone.
I am more than satisfied.

Dennis Fadden
Denver Co

Thank you for the opportunity to try out the magnetic healer belt for the extended 90 days. We would like to keep the belt. We have been enjoying it. Both my daughter and I have been wearing it. My daughter is the one that we bought it for. She is 24 years old, was born with Spina Bifida, has osteomyelitis and kidney failure. Her creatinine is over 600 and her eGFR is under 10% most of the time. She is able to wear the belt for several hours a day but not as much as 20 hours/day that is recommended. She has been able to extend the time she wears it to 10 - 12 hours but then her kidneys start to hurt so she takes it off. Do you have any further suggestions or recommendations to help her?

We believe that the magnet is working because she needs to use the bathroom more often when she has worn it. And when she first started using it her creatinine did come down 146. On February 23rd  her creatinine was 732.  On March 2nd, one week later, it had dropped to 586. Prior to that it had been 717 on January 29;   and 732 on February 14th, 2018. Thank you for your help.

Warm Regards
Donna Fieldhouse

Dear Sir,

I first recommended your Magnetic Bio Therapy device to my sister in law, Rosie Penalosa who lives in Utah.  Her Nephrologist already recommended her for kidney transplant because her kidney was only functioning at 14% and her creatinine level was so high.  She's been wearing her MBT device for almost a year now.  Two days ago, I received a call from my brother, telling me that her doctor was sooo surprised to see her recent blood work.  That her kidney % function indicated a tremendous increase and that her creatinine level has normalize! We are truly thankful and grateful for such wonderful result.

I also recommended this to my son, Michael Perdido in California because of his liver problem(fatty liver).  Wearing his MBT device even in just 2 days, significantly decreased his pains.  We will share with you his progress as soon as I receive a response for my subject inquiry.

My brother in the Philippines is in sooo much pain for a while now.  He has only one kidney functioning right now but his creatinine level is really high.  He is arthritic as well. 
How much would the total cost for this postal address?

Victor Penalosa
Unit 210 Mansion Evangelista
Street Santolan
Pasig City, Philippines

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Gratefully yours,
Annie Perdido

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