Design the treatment at your convenience.

It is recommended that you use the device for 12 to 16 hours a day. The device is easy to adjust and is placed in the center of your back on the waist in front of your kidneys. You can sleep with it, exercise and work without any problems.

You can develop your treatment in your home. We will provide you the tools and advice. If your creatinine level doesn't get lower, you can return the device within 60 days. We will only retain $75.00 to cover handling, shipping and restocking of the product.
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Magnetic therapy should not be used by persons using pacemakers, internal automatic defibrillators, insulin pumps, transdermal patches with electronic signals and pregnant women. Our devices should not be used as a substitute for medical care or a prescription. Prior medical evaluation is always recommended. MAGNETIC HEALER, INC. does not claim to be a medical product or instrument, but an alternative to prevent or improve these existing conditions. The buyer assumes all responsibility for the proper use of this product.
Your creatinine level will be reduced from 5% to 20% in the first 30 days. If you are diabetic these magnetic therapies will help you maintain control of your glucose levels. This device will help you eliminate any pain in your back. Avoid using it if you have a pacemaker. If you are receiving dialysis, your recovery will be slower.

For these therapies, we use a device provided with four powerful rare earth magnetic fields with a power of 0.8 Tesla for each of its poles. This instrument is placed in the center of your back on your waist in front of your kidneys. It fits gently with the belt and holds it for 12 to 16 hours a day. You can sleep with it, exercise and work without a problem. It will improve your mood, sleep better, and have more energy. Once you start your therapies, your will see an improvement in the condition of your kidneys, you creatinine levels will begin to drop and your kidneys will recover.

The patient should keep a record of changes in his or her body. It is recommended that lab work be done regularly (every 40 to 60 days) and that results be provided to Magnetic Healer, Inc. Your lab results will help us in continuing our reserach. These therapies will produce positive side effects, improve any condition in your back, liver, prostate, bladder and colon, will sleep better and have more energy. Once the patient has improved his creatinine level and the therapies have stabilized, he should continue at a lower rate of use, possibly 2 to 4 hours a day. These therapies could be extended throughout the patient's life. This device is designed and manufactured so that its use and duration is indefinite, everything will depend on the care given by its owner.

After the first 6 months of treatment, your creatinine will be at a safe level. This level will depend on the level that the patient presents when starting his therapies and the complications that the patient presents with his blood pressure, diabetes or both conditions as the case may be. Once an appropriate level is reached, the patient will be able to avoid dialysis. Whatever your level of improvement, the patient will continue with their magnetic biotherapy for an indefinite period unless their physician recommends otherwise, however, the device must be kept in reserve for any unfavorable changes. You should always remember that these therapies are extremely beneficial to your overall health, not just your kidneys.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use the device under my clothes? - Yes. The photos of the promotion of the Creatinine Control Device, were taken using the device on clothes so as not to offend sensitive people, who do not like to see patients showing skin.

2. Should I feel something when I have the device in place? Does it have to be recharged? - No, the device is activated when the bipolar cells of the blood are trying to align with the north-south magnetic field, thus generating an increase in blood circulation and oxygenation so you will not feel anything on your skin and neither have to recharge it.

3. Is there any maintenance? - The only maintenance that you should give is to the pocket and strap of the device that should be washed when necessary, with a mild soap and let it dry. Do not use a drying machine.

4. Can I pay for the device even if I do not have a PayPal account? - Yes. You can pay through PayPal directly with your credit card.

5. How long does it take to arrive once I make my purchase? - We use the "Priority Mail" service of the postal service of the United States of America. It can take up to 4 days within the US and up to 15 days for international deliveries. Purchases made after 2:00 p.m. Eastern time, will be dispatched the next business day. Our warehouse does not operate during weekends, nor on holidays, so these purchases are dispatched the next working day. It can be sent by Priority Express Mail to patients who require it for an additional cost.

6. Does the device really work? - Yes. The effectiveness of the Creatinine Control Device varies from patient to patient. Some medications that patients take may be affecting the kidneys so it is necessary to check that the medicines are safe for your kidney. It is also recommended to follow the recommendations of a nutritionist to possibly control the intake of protein, sodium etc.

7. Do the Creatinine Control Device have any side effects? - The Creatinine Control Device, has no adverse side effects.

8. Is it safe to use it even if I take medicines? - The Creatinine Control Device does not interact with any medication so it is safe to use it.

Terms and conditions:

1. The cost of this device and any follow-up is $295.00. The first $100.00 payment includes handling and shipping costs, after 60 days you will be charged $97.50 per month for the next two (2) months or you can make a one payment of $250.00 with a savings of $45.00.

2. Our office will monitor the development of the therapies and the patient should inform us about the results of the therapy. See our contact information.

3. Therapies are performed in conjunction with any treatment that the patient is currently undergoing. No harmful side effects are known.

4. The use of medications that the patient is currently taking by medical prescription should be continued. It is likely that in the future the doctor himself recommends reducing the amount prescerbed, or eliminating them all together.

5. The patient will perform the therapies under his own responsibility.

See our patients laboratory results.

Patients on dialysis please click here.
Synthetic polymer strap and bag. Resistant and washable.

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